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In Class Assignment 2/1

Analyze Uniqlo’s ( use of social media. Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing retailer that has embarked upon an aggressive global expansion strategy in the last 2 years. Examine Uniqlo’s use of Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest in order to assess the effectiveness of their social media marketing strategy with regards to their global expansion. You are not required to use references or outside sources. Base your report exclusively on your observations. Your report should have the following sections.

An overview of your impression of Uniqlo’s social media strategy based upon your review of their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest presence. Taken together how effective is their social media presence in terms of their global expansion and the 5 following specific strategic objectives:

  1. Increasing awareness
  2. Influencing desire
  3. Encouraging trial
  4. Facilitating purchase
  5. Cementing brand loyalty

You may complete the assignment as an individual or with another class maember. Post the analysis on the blog.


Week 2 Graded Discussion Due: 1/24

For this weekly discussion post you will take one type of photo and write a 2-3 sentence description of the photo. Choose one of the following: (1) unusual angle, (2) rule of thirds and (3) environmental portrait.   Post on your media platform for class or email.

Here is a brief explanation of each of the three types of photography:

photo demonstrating rule of thirds - photo by Kristen Grace

This photo illustrates rule of thirds. Placing the subject to the side of the photo makes the photo more interesting than placing the subject in the center of the photo. Photo by Kristen Grace

(1) Unusual angle: Photographs are so often taken at eye level. However, Ms. Grace encouraged students to take photos from all different angles. Kneel down in front of a subject. Lie across the floor. Just experiment with all different types of angles. Not only will this add variation but also it can help you find that special moment where everything is just right.

(2) Rule of thirds: Using the grid feature on your camera, photograph an object that falls within the cross sections of the grid, rather than centered within a box. Utilizing the rule of thirds prevents monotonous photographs where objects are centered within the middle and clouded with background noise.

environmental portrait - Kristen Grace

In her work as photographer at the Florida Museum of Natural History, Kristen Grace often is asked to take photos of scientists with their work. She used off-camera lighting in taking this environmental portrait.

(3) Environmental portrait: In an environmental portrait, the photographer is in control of everything, from lighting to the pose and the props. Environmental portraits are staged by the photographer and tell an entire story within one photo. An environmental portrait is used to visually explain a person’s hobby or work.

Week 3: Assignments due 1/27

Position paper due 1/27.

Set up a blog for this course by Wednesday 1/27. (keep it professional!)

Complete the weekly graded discussion post.



Post resume on blog.

Read the article: Schonfeld, E. (2010, April 16). How big is Twitter really? Washington post. Retrieved from

Microblogging: Definition and use

Read the information on microblogging:


Hesse, M. (2010, May 6). Twitter archive at library of congress could help redefine history’s scope. Washington post. Retrieved from


Voicethread: Due 2/1


Looking ahead: Work on Voicethread and Prezi presentation. Post resume on blog.

Social Media Week 3




Final Project items completed by end of week 3:

Set up a blog to house items for final project

Complete position paper #1

Post resume on blog

Post Voicethread Example on blog


Final Project Informaiton

Working alone you will create a blog using Tumblr or Blogger/BlogSpot/Wordpress that captures and analyzes social media marketing examples. Think of it as a portfolio of social media marketing and news about social media that highlights the benefits and risks of engaging customers in digital spaces. An example of a good student blog can be found here:

This project is worth 100 points and due at the end of the quarter. You will be expected to start your blog immediately and add to it as the quarter progresses using examples that reflect concepts or ideas that we discuss in class and/or that come out of your reading. Special emphasis should be placed on the ethical considerations and risks associated with social media marketing. Additionally, you will include a section related to your career and ways to create a personal, professional brand.

Your blog can be links to relevant news stories, sites, embedded YouTube videos, or simply screen captures of examples. You can find information for your blog simply by doing a Google news alert on “social media marketing” or googling “social media marketing” and limiting to the last week or so. Following some companies on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram should also provide good examples. If you do this every week and add to your blog regularly and write about what you add based upon critical thought about it you will do well on this assignment

The instructor will review Blogs weekly and noteworthy material will be discussed in class.

To receive 90-100 points you should have at least one weekly entry to your blog with excellent and insightful analysis that reflects understanding of course concepts from textbook and lecture as well as introduction of new ideas not covered in class.

80-89 points will be awarded to blogs that are updated weekly but and have solid analysis.

Less than 70 points will be granted if your blog is only sporadically updated or analysis is weak

Failure to create and submit a blog will result in 0 points.

Items to include in the final project:

* Resume and cover letter.

* Position Papers.

* Career paper (BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook serves as the reference).

* Post your professional career statement to your Facebook account.

* Voicethread example. Link posted on blog.

* Posted video resume

* Social Media Marketing Tool Presentation and Report.

* Example of your best academic or business writing.

*Social Media Critique and Analysis

* Jing example.

* Social Media Marketing Tool Presentation and Report

* Social Media Critique and Analysis

Some resources for creating a POSTER-LIKE BLOG POST

Scientific Poster Design (PDF from Cornell University)
Creating Effective Poster Presentations (Excellent web site full of tips and examples, from North Carolina State University)
Advice on Designing Scientific Posters (via Swarthmore College, with some context of what conference poster sessions are typically like)

Position Paper Due 1/27


The purpose of this position paper is to encourage reflection on a topic relevant to the course, and gain experience applying the concepts addressed in the readings and discussions.

For the first position paper, you will be asked to write a one-two page paper on one of the following topics:

1). Should social media be used in all (or most) college classrooms?

2). In what ways do social media affect people and/or organizations who do not participate in them?

Resources for the paper:

Metafilter discussion of Bert & Bin Laden
Introduction to Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy
Visualization of social media tools in the digital taxonomy

FrontLine interview with danah boyd on Internet celebrity
Social Media Monopoly

Social media revolution
Social media revolution (updated)
Gary Hayes’ social media counts

Week 1: Overview of All Assignments

Culture & Social media

The Pony Express debuted 150 years ago, and using riders and “fresh horses … who rode at full gallop in 10- to 12-mile segments,” delivered mail between Missouri and California. “In March 1861, the Pony Express set a record for transcontinental delivery–7 days 17 hours–when riders carried Abraham Lincoln’s Inaugural Address to the West Coast” (Edwards, 2010). The service ended only six months later.

Thankfully, communication has changed. Today there is no need to wait a week for important correspondence, and the transmission is far less dangerous. Yet technological advances have brought us to a crossroad. “Old media” like newspapers, magazines, and television, are struggling to compete with digital media that is immediate and available at the click of a button.

The first unit of this course begins the process of learning about these new digital tools by developing a foundation for understanding. Consider the core term common to both old and new media.

“Media” is plural for the ancient Latin word “medius” or “medium” and it means something in the middle that conveys (or moves) something from one place or person to another. Related English words include:

  • medium: Someone who reportedly conveys messages from the dead.
  • comedian: Someone who conveys humor.
  • intermediate: Something between two phases. For example, “intermediate school” moves students from elementary school to high school.
  • remedial: A cure to move people from a poor health to good health, or poor education to good education.

Media conveys a message from a person or organization to someone else. It can be audio (like on a CD or the radio), the written word (like a magazine, newspaper, or a webpage), or video (like on TV or YouTube). Digital media conveys messages using new, computer-processor assisted technology. Today digital media can be accessed in many ways including with handheld devices such as mobile phones, laptops, MP3 players, desktops, and many more.

Assignments: Complete the Week 1 Blog post; post your introduction; completed the required readings.

Required readings:  Digital Nation part 1(video)

8 Ways to Avoid Social Media Culture Clash

The Power and Business Risks of Social Media (PDF)  week1

What Are Companies Saying About Social Media in the Workplace

Week 1 PP: EN371 Week1

Social-Media-Managers-10-Required-SkillsEN371 Week 1

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