Final Project Informaiton

Working alone you will create a blog using Tumblr or Blogger/BlogSpot/Wordpress that captures and analyzes social media marketing examples. Think of it as a portfolio of social media marketing and news about social media that highlights the benefits and risks of engaging customers in digital spaces. An example of a good student blog can be found here:

This project is worth 100 points and due at the end of the quarter. You will be expected to start your blog immediately and add to it as the quarter progresses using examples that reflect concepts or ideas that we discuss in class and/or that come out of your reading. Special emphasis should be placed on the ethical considerations and risks associated with social media marketing. Additionally, you will include a section related to your career and ways to create a personal, professional brand.

Your blog can be links to relevant news stories, sites, embedded YouTube videos, or simply screen captures of examples. You can find information for your blog simply by doing a Google news alert on “social media marketing” or googling “social media marketing” and limiting to the last week or so. Following some companies on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and/or Instagram should also provide good examples. If you do this every week and add to your blog regularly and write about what you add based upon critical thought about it you will do well on this assignment

The instructor will review Blogs weekly and noteworthy material will be discussed in class.

To receive 90-100 points you should have at least one weekly entry to your blog with excellent and insightful analysis that reflects understanding of course concepts from textbook and lecture as well as introduction of new ideas not covered in class.

80-89 points will be awarded to blogs that are updated weekly but and have solid analysis.

Less than 70 points will be granted if your blog is only sporadically updated or analysis is weak

Failure to create and submit a blog will result in 0 points.

Items to include in the final project:

* Resume and cover letter.

* Position Papers.

* Career paper (BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook serves as the reference).

* Post your professional career statement to your Facebook account.

* Voicethread example. Link posted on blog.

* Posted video resume

* Social Media Marketing Tool Presentation and Report.

* Example of your best academic or business writing.

*Social Media Critique and Analysis

* Jing example.

* Social Media Marketing Tool Presentation and Report

* Social Media Critique and Analysis

Some resources for creating a POSTER-LIKE BLOG POST

Scientific Poster Design (PDF from Cornell University)
Creating Effective Poster Presentations (Excellent web site full of tips and examples, from North Carolina State University)
Advice on Designing Scientific Posters (via Swarthmore College, with some context of what conference poster sessions are typically like)

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