Position Paper Due 1/27


The purpose of this position paper is to encourage reflection on a topic relevant to the course, and gain experience applying the concepts addressed in the readings and discussions.

For the first position paper, you will be asked to write a one-two page paper on one of the following topics:

1). Should social media be used in all (or most) college classrooms?

2). In what ways do social media affect people and/or organizations who do not participate in them?

Resources for the paper:

Metafilter discussion of Bert & Bin Laden
Introduction to Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy
Visualization of social media tools in the digital taxonomy

FrontLine interview with danah boyd on Internet celebrity
Social Media Monopoly

Social media revolution
Social media revolution (updated)
Gary Hayes’ social media counts

5 thoughts on “Position Paper Due 1/27

  1. Jimmie Pernell
    Dr. Carolyn Stevenson
    Social Media in Today’s Workplace Class

    Should social media be used in all (or most) college classrooms?

    As I thought about the question, a lot of things ran through my mind. As I stated back to college, I have use social media in every way possible to do research papers or just to look-up news information. Social Media has been described in this way.

    “It plays a huge role in terms of students’ research, there’s lots of information they can access immediately,” says Coleman, Dean of Library Services at F. D. Bluford Library. “Faculty members can share ideas with each other and point students to LinkedIn and Facebook. They’re incorporating it in the classroom.” http://www.higheredtechdecisions.com/article/the_truth_behind_social_media_in_your_college_classroom

    Besides the college work, student use this it for communication to contact with friends, families, and teachers. We also use it to look for jobs and connect the dots to information around the world.

    For me, as a political junky, I use it to look at the candidates and their political stance on issues that are important to me. I use it to notify my friends that certain candidates are not in their best interest and to look out for things on what they stand for.

    Using social media in the classroom just lets me get information right at my fingertips by just doing a little research and its there. Professors sometimes ask the students to look up information just to verify the right answers are given or if we challenge the answers given by a professor.

    Simply calculations that are worded are certain way can be easily figured out by a simple google search and the questions and answers become clearer. Video Media by the way of You Tube would be lost by me, if I wasn’t able to use it school.

    Imagine being told of someone important and have to do a research paper on them. Instead of waiting to go home and access this information, all of this can be done right in the classroom.

    However, some college students get too comfortable in their relationship with social media and their college.

    Chuck Wilson, CEO and Executive Director of the National Systems Contractors Association, says social media has its risks, especially when students’ usage of it casts their colleges in a negative light.

    “College officials are scared to death about unofficial tweets,” he says. “The downside [with social media] is that bad behavior can be amplified by social media. If you do something stupid, it doesn’t go away.” http://www.higheredtechdecisions.com/article/the_truth_behind_social_media_in_your_college_classroom


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