Week 2 Graded Discussion Due: 1/24

For this weekly discussion post you will take one type of photo and write a 2-3 sentence description of the photo. Choose one of the following: (1) unusual angle, (2) rule of thirds and (3) environmental portrait.   Post on your media platform for class or email.

Here is a brief explanation of each of the three types of photography:

photo demonstrating rule of thirds - photo by Kristen Grace

This photo illustrates rule of thirds. Placing the subject to the side of the photo makes the photo more interesting than placing the subject in the center of the photo. Photo by Kristen Grace

(1) Unusual angle: Photographs are so often taken at eye level. However, Ms. Grace encouraged students to take photos from all different angles. Kneel down in front of a subject. Lie across the floor. Just experiment with all different types of angles. Not only will this add variation but also it can help you find that special moment where everything is just right.

(2) Rule of thirds: Using the grid feature on your camera, photograph an object that falls within the cross sections of the grid, rather than centered within a box. Utilizing the rule of thirds prevents monotonous photographs where objects are centered within the middle and clouded with background noise.

environmental portrait - Kristen Grace

In her work as photographer at the Florida Museum of Natural History, Kristen Grace often is asked to take photos of scientists with their work. She used off-camera lighting in taking this environmental portrait.

(3) Environmental portrait: In an environmental portrait, the photographer is in control of everything, from lighting to the pose and the props. Environmental portraits are staged by the photographer and tell an entire story within one photo. An environmental portrait is used to visually explain a person’s hobby or work.


24 thoughts on “Week 2 Graded Discussion Due: 1/24

  1. (1) Unusual angle: Sometime, photographs should taken at eye level particularly Nature Photography. Nature Photography doesn’t involve only plants or trees; it involves the natural scenery as seen through the photographer’s eyes.
    (2)Rule of thirds: just use your iPhone camera with chrome feature, transverse take. Put sky in 2/3 of the whole picture that can build the emphasis, also we need to describe the “night”. lights and cars on the street are very important of the whole picture, adjust dim light that can cover defect and increase night atmosphere.
    (3) Environment portrait: It is most difficult picture skill for me, the portrait photograph is very widely in different form, such as, beauty photograph, wedding photograph, fashion photograph and new born photograph. I think that the most important key to taking environment portrait is to clear what you want to explain, emotion, feeling, mood.


  2. In the picture of unusual angle, this is a beautiful and harmonious combination in lines that cirss-cross special in stair and shadow of guard bar. in vision, you may be imagie yu were in a 2D picture and the girl, who is surronded by stairs and the shadow of guard bar seems like prison to imprison her.Actually, photogapher may be want to illustrate a viewpoint that the vision of eyes between the 2D and 3D always change not depends on your angle, but also your creating mind may change your life attitude.


  3. In the first picture that illustrates rule of thirds, the person in the picture is sitting to the far side of the photo instead of the middle. The fact that the person is sitting to the side of the photo and not the center makes it fall into the category of rule of thirds. It also makes the photo more interesting because it gives wonder as to why the person is sitting to the side and not the center. Also, it helps to bring out the detailing in the picture.


    1. for me the first picture of a person setting on the left side has a message or some to tell about a person. it could be that this persons is lonely to have someone to talk to or that it show how most people spend their time to find what they are looking for in their lives. and the second picture, that shows archaeologist about the fossil that shows history and mystery


  4. Environmental portrait- I think before you want to take that picture you should spend some time thinking what’s subject or story you would like to portray on your picture. In order to take beautiful environmental portrait, you should take time to study your subject, maybe even accompany your subject to some places therefore you are able to see what kind of shots and what kind of angles you should use to take a portrait. But I feel like the chance to take perfect environmental portrait is 50/50, either you take THE shot or it’s just a blah, normal repeated portrait. But sometimes, when you are not expecting much, the best thing happens.


  5. Unusual angle: this is a photo of the glass roof at the Chicago culture center. its an unusual angle because the way the photo is presented in a way that makes you feel like you are laying down and looking up. i think this gives the photo an artistic touch.

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  6. When I first saw the picture, it appeared as if she was sitting on ledge. As I looked closer, I realized that she was writing something. I can tell she was probably just standing on some type of balcony or ledge when someone snapped the picture of her.


  7. Unusual angle- The photo I chose demonstrates an unusual angle. The photo looks as if you’re standing beneath the person, more specifically, right under their chin. The angle gives you an up close look at the person’s face, but also gives a clear view of the background, even allowing you to see above the person.


  8. Unsual angle this is a nice picture all though it make me feel like I am sitting down and looking up it makes the picture feel like it is playing tricks with your eyes but in reality it’s not it’s just the picture.


  9. unusual Angle: this is a picture of Chicago lake Michigan in the winter 2016 how the water is frozen and the way the photographer took the pictures he made it look like the sun danced on the crystals it looked like diamonds.. it looks like crystal blue persuasion.

    this photo required much skills and its very unique he shot it on a beach area walkway


  10. In the second picture the photographer makes the picture look plain by not adding any light to the picture and the environment, but it is still a nice picture that the scientist had taken.


  11. The Unusual angle is very appealing to the eye. It make you analyze the photo and try to see what is really going on in it. At first glance it is hard to determine what the young lady in the photo is doing until you really zero in.


  12. The photo up tops looks like a three dimensional type of photo because of the three layers of bricks and the different textures the women in the photo is looking down which tells me she is either depressed or upset about something she brings out the depth in this photo and she makes it more abstract the camera angle is unique and the symmetry of this photo is on point this photo in closing tells me that this is a sad young lady who just received some devastating news and is not in a good place.


  13. Those photos looks very truly. PS can make photos will be more beauty and interested. But Nature Photography doesn’t involve only plants or trees. The level high than natural photos.


  14. Normally, I’m a big fan of weird ,odd things that are unsymmetrical but have some unique artistic values. But this unusual angle photo needs some caption to go with it. We don’t know for sure which one is the main subject. Is it the girl, the ground , the bleachers, or the fence. Nothing wrong with unusual angle but the main theme and the significance of the subject get lost in the mix.


  15. The rule of thirds is suit to beginner, it is easily learn how to take photos, it just needs to put the focus on what you want to take. Everyone can use this skill to take beautiful photos, after you take more enough photos that you don’t need using the grid feature, and easily to focus on it.


  16. The angles are pretty unique and also they seem to be all aligned, the thirds rule shows itself in this pictures and the picture look normal enough although they seem like steps but that’s only my opinion.


  17. The angles in the first picture with the young lady reading is hard to focus on initially but when you take a closer look you see what she is doing and its actually an interesting photo because of the weird angle.


  18. In the first picture with the unusual angled its very interesting from how the picture looks like from above. It seems to capture a lot of details and makes you feel like you are there. It also points out a lot of different angle side views.


  19. When working in photography I like using unusual angles for the fact that the subject of the photo is able to change limitlessly through using different angles. And different angles can show different effects like shadows or ghost pictures.


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