Week 3: Assignments due 1/27

Position paper due 1/27.

Set up a blog for this course by Wednesday 1/27. (keep it professional!)

Complete the weekly graded discussion post.



Post resume on blog.

Read the article: Schonfeld, E. (2010, April 16). How big is Twitter really? Washington post. Retrieved from http://alturl.com/z5iw

Microblogging: Definition and use

Read the information on microblogging: http://mywptips.com/top-microblogging-sites-list/


Hesse, M. (2010, May 6). Twitter archive at library of congress could help redefine history’s scope. Washington post. Retrieved from http://alturl.com/cg9h


Voicethread: Due 2/1


Looking ahead: Work on Voicethread and Prezi presentation. Post resume on blog.

Social Media Week 3




Final Project items completed by end of week 3:

Set up a blog to house items for final project

Complete position paper #1

Post resume on blog

Post Voicethread Example on blog


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