In Class Assignment 2/1

Analyze Uniqlo’s ( use of social media. Uniqlo is a Japanese clothing retailer that has embarked upon an aggressive global expansion strategy in the last 2 years. Examine Uniqlo’s use of Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest in order to assess the effectiveness of their social media marketing strategy with regards to their global expansion. You are not required to use references or outside sources. Base your report exclusively on your observations. Your report should have the following sections.

An overview of your impression of Uniqlo’s social media strategy based upon your review of their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest presence. Taken together how effective is their social media presence in terms of their global expansion and the 5 following specific strategic objectives:

  1. Increasing awareness
  2. Influencing desire
  3. Encouraging trial
  4. Facilitating purchase
  5. Cementing brand loyalty

You may complete the assignment as an individual or with another class maember. Post the analysis on the blog.


20 thoughts on “In Class Assignment 2/1

  1. In increasing awareness way, the brand mean of Uniqlo always love to seek for nature and comfortable quality with simple design to customers. That is why it insists on follow fashion in the web like Facebook, Twitter and so on to make attention by us. To extent, our awareness and feedback may be become a new creativity and advices for Uniqlo.
    As for influencing desire, may be you think modify and improve a production is never too late that until customer back what they bought. Actually, in order to make more people satisfy with production, to learn about on line and on time is a best method. everyone’s desire cannot wait.
    In the encouraging trial point, people have to admit that everyone love to have try a new production-free. as you know, there is a big thing happened in Uniqlo about fitting room. Nowadays, this company put off a special function in its official web to wear cloth what you like by virtual software on line. Of course, you can try your loves in store and web in anytime.
    Social media is a public platform for people to share their viewpoints together. Every activity are generalized in Facebook or Twitter always can attract people to transpond to others, there is no doubt that not only can facilitate purchase, but also it is difficult to miss any privileges. surely, Uniqlo always post photos and feedbacks and praise to customer in the social media.
    Not any brand love to deceive customers, doubtfully, social media help Uniqol to cement brand loyalty, In marking study, there are three point to structure. quality in attitude, the quality of production, variable communication of brand, variable differentiation and behavior in marking. Keep high loyalty to marking and customers, social media could the learn about more advices on line.


  2. Increase Awareness, this provides relevant insights. Savvy brands and marketers also understand that social media is a powerful listening tool. You can use it to find out what people are saying about your brand and use that knowledge to improve processes, communications, or features.
    Influencing Desire, you have to price it correctly and make it seem like it’s the must have on social media with positive comments from others. This has to be highlighted.
    Encouraging Trial, encourage your audience to avoid speculation, and tell them where they can find verified information.
    Facilitating purchase, encourage the public to share their experience on social media good and bad. Stand by your product.
    Cementing brand loyalty, again stand by your product with your customers. If there’s ever a problem take care of it asap. You want customers to always think of you first when making a purchase.


  3. Uniqlo’s use of social media is very effective. By increasing awareness, Uniqlo provided an opportunity for customers to enter their personal email address as a means in making customers of his clothing line. Customers also had the option of going on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. in finding out about the clothing line. Influencing desire-Uniqlo showed fit and attractive models to show off their intimate garment line as well as famous sports athletes. By encouraging trial, customers received a special offer to use the line. Receiving a speical gift was a way for encouraged customers to facilitate purposes. Uniqlo also made customers aware of their social responsibility and how they are involved with world issues.


  4. increase awareness- well in order to sell you have to grab the costumers attention, and you go about that by marketing in popular areas. also word of mouth, communication social media etc.
    influencing desire- can be a number of things, like catering to the costumer if something is wrong with the product. meet their needs show them that they matter and you can fix whatever issue they are having.
    Encouraging trial-find people to test out your product so others can know it is efficient and safe. add it to the BBB so people can do the research and know that it is not a scam.
    Facilitating purchase- make sure you ask people who have bought your products before to share it on social medias, tell friends and family about it. give out discounts to new costumers etc.
    Cementing brand loyalty- you want your costumers to keep coming back give them discounts make sure you treat them with respect and put their needs first.


  5. Nick Peterson and Raymond Davis

    Increasing awareness-UNIQLO is an international brand that that has strong bases in a few countries allowing them to spread their influence at a faster rate. Adding on to the fact that they are able to sponsor an athlete to boost their appeal and awareness in other people is a strong strategy. The fashion shows are also a sure fire because by utilizing the show the have a group of people that have strong influences and reputation in the fashion industry allowing them to connect with more power.

    Influencing desire-Influencing desire almost turns into a very simple matter considering the point that this retailer is based in fashion. To increase the desire constantly and sway the pull from other retailers requires many innovative design properties along with durability and usage of the products. The wider the range that can accommodate consumers and bring a fancy for a design that has not been seen or used will greatly push their standing ahead.

    Encouraging trial-UNIQLO encouraging trail is based upon the strategy that they give many visual aides to video clips of models performing within the clothes and professional pictures, aggressive promotion styles of future products to keep consumers in the loop and interested. They also include athlete based products to pull in a lager base that is especially an international one. With an eager want to get people in stores to see their products there and to try them.

    Facilitating purchase- The UNQLO brand make sure to take care of every opportunity that it has in the way that they give many promotions to consumers albeit weekly or seasonally. Their website seems to give visitors the ability to at any time make a purchase for any season at any time compared to their stores that might be stocked for a particular event or season. For their many aggressive promotion style and deals there is no way that consumers that take part in purchases from them repeatedly would stop coming back to have a look to see what they can buy.

    Cementing brand loyalty- Although they are top named brand based in a strong international market for fashion which gives staggering proves that they have brand loyalty, UNIQLO does this by show casing their products in a timely order and setting up each section to cater to each group of people in their particular settings whether that be: mens sports wear or casual wear womens event, casual or sports wear and even children event or casual wear. They are able to give people what they promise while showing their brand staying true to themselves.


  6. increasing awareness is by using social media in a way that spreed the word of the Uniqlo company to get more potential customers. influencing desire is by displaying there products in a way that is appealing. there style of clothing tells to us that they sell comfortable and useful products. Encouraging trial is the way they make the clothing look attractive to the viewer by adding different colors and style to their website and the social medial pages. Facilitating purchase is that they make it easy to buy from Uniqlo’s site. Uniqlo also has Cementing brand loyalty because of how the clothing is design they may have loyal customers who come to them for their products as well as recommend them to others.


  7. 1. Increasing awareness: Uniqlo sees to be aware that they need to spread their product across any forms of social media, while many businesses opt to choose one or two. Outside of Facebook, twitter, and interest, they also have a snapchat and an Instagram to help increase awareness about their product. Included on their twitter page is also support for an international athlete (Novak Djorkovic) and this also helps spread their brand across other parts of the twitter universe (i.e the sports side.) They also evenly distribute pictures and ads from all over the country, and even have ads in other languages to break down any barriers.

    2. Influencing desire: Each social media platform that Uniqlo uses contains a few common elements: bright, vibrant colors, large font and lots and lots of pretty people. These things help to grab the attention of a potential buyer before they even know what you’re selling! Uniqlo never tries to hide their products, either; the clothing is front and center. This creates a feeling a transparency and gives the buyer a feeling of ease. (By the way, I’m not a business major, so work with me!)

    3. Encouraging trial: A few of the ads that have caught my attention are encouraging customers to take pictures in their Uniqlo gear and send them in with the possibility that it may be featured on one of their social media pages. For the more shallow buyer, this may be encouraging a form of trial, if only to be featured on a reputable company’s page. Special deals in big font also attract potential customers who may be encouraged to try this product just to take advantage of a chance to save money.

    4. Facilitating purchase: While you cannot purchase items from Uniqlo’s social media pages, every ad includes a link to their actual website where purchases can be made, and rather easily I might ad. The link directly sends you to the page that contains the items you’re looking for, and that means no endless searches of the website, (which is never fun, no matter how simple it is.) The prices are also large and at the forefront as well, so there’s no question as to how much you may be spending.

    5. Cementing brand loyalty: I’m actually not sure what is meant by the term “brand loyalty.” Loyalty to what? The products? The customers? The advertisements products, and overall feel o the website is consistent across all three social media platforms. Uniqlo has definitely made a look for itself. You could look at each site individually and sill know you’re looking at a Uniqlo page.


  8. Uniqlo’s use of social media is causal but also very professional. Uniqlo uses of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are based on promoting the brand of the company. Uniqlo has a lot of pictures of the types of clothing they sale as well as deals that they are having. They have pictures that are used to captivate different audiences such as kids, men and women. They also have lots of comments and news feeds about their company from Facebook. Not only do they promote their clothing but they also have pictures on their different social media accounts about hiring and how great it would be to build a career with them.
    Their increasing awareness is based on the fact that they try to look appealing to different types of audiences so they post pictures of infants in their clothing, men, women and even teenagers. Appealing to different audiences is how they influence the desire of their brand making people want to wear their product. Their encouraging trail is by them using statements such as “buy it now!” They facilitate their purchases by showing how low their prices are and how great their deals are. They express their brand loyalty by saying that they have the world’s finest cottons and that their clothing is the go to clothing. They say those things because they want their buyers to feel that they can trust the clothing they buy from Uniqlo.


  9. Uniqlo’s use of social media is very professional. This brand has done an amazing job of using social media to promote its products to existing customers, as well as entice prospect customers to try their brand. I agree with Paris Logan, A few of the ads that have caught my attention are encouraging customers to take pictures in their Uniqlo gear and send them in with the possibility that it may be featured on one of their social media pages. Also Uniqlo’s use of vibrant colors, large font creates a feeling a transparency and gives the buyer a feeling of ease. Uniqlo’s combination of uses of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest promotes the company increasing awareness, Their ability to appeal to children, youth, and adults with enticing colors and styles influences desire. The incentive of possible exposure to their social media pages / sites encourages people to want to try their brand and wear it. Uniqlos has social media pages, every ad includes a link to their actual website where purchases can be made this make it easy for customers to purchase. Brand Loyalty in my opinion comes with consistency of the company. I believe customers will be loyalty to a company Who can consistently deliver quality service and products.


  10. Uniqlo website is well put together it shows you clothes for everybody baby clothes clothes for men and women their social media is well put together they are branded really well they have all if the merchandise promoted well and there are links on the social media to the website which makes it easy for consumers to shop they appeal to the younger generation as well as the adults it’s an all around great store that has great quality and the prices are reasonable I also like how the page is designed its appealing to eye because it’s well put together overall it is a fantastic sight to shop online.


  11. Influencing Desire, you have to price thing in the right price.
    Encouraging Trial, encourage your audience to follow procedure.
    Facilitating purchase, encourage the people that the product will get out there and will be using the media to promote product
    Cementing brand loyalty, again stand by your product with your customers. Try to give a product that people want to see in the market


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