Social Media Marketing Tool Presentation and Report Due 2/17

Social Media Marketing Tool Presentation and Report (100 points)Presentations will be given on  2/17.

Marketing professionals are expected to be up to date on technology and be competent in terms of assessing its use and relevance for engaging customers. They must be aware of new technologies and provide leadership and advice on how they can best be used to effectively grow the business. As a result, employees who work in marketing departments are oftentimes consulted by management in order to demonstrate the appropriate use of new technologies and are specifically asked to provide counsel on how they can be used to reach and engage customers as well as the risks that might be involved in such use.

With the above in mind, you will work in groups of two or threeand provide a 10-15 minute demonstration and summary report on the use of one (sign ups will be held during class time) of the following social media tools for marketing purposes.

Facebook        Twitter             Yelp!                4Square          Instagram        Pinterest

Tumblr             YouTube         Google+           Groupon          Second Life     Friendster

MySpace         Vine                 LinkedIn           Flickr               Reddit              Wikipedia

TripAdvisor      Path                 Banjo               Tagged            Meetup           StumbleUpon

Orkut               MyLife

Presentations should cover the following:

  1. Show/Describe the tool: How do you use it? How long has it been around? How many users/subscribers are there? Who are they? Hint: You may have to use Business Source Premier to research the tool in order to better understand it as a business leader as opposed to a user!
  2. User benefits: Why do users/subscribers use this tool? What do they expect from it? Why did they turn to it?
  3. Monetization strategy: How do the owners/developers of the tool make money? What does this do to the user experience? The use of it as a marketing tool? Hint: search BSP or Google the tool and the words monetization or monetization strategy.
  4. Marketing benefits/value: How useful is this tool for marketing? Which industries are using it most? Which companies are using it most effectively? For what purpose (trial, awareness, desire, loyalty etc.) Show at least three different examples of successful/effective use of this tool and three examples of epic fails by companies using this tool for marketing purposes. Which industries might benefit the most from using this social media tool? Which ones might not find it valuable?
  5. Marketing risks: What are the risks involved? Show examples of major fails by organizations. What do you think we can learn from them?

The presentation should be summarized in a professional ‘leave behind’ or 1 page (can be two sided) summary of the tool, how to use it, who uses it, marketing applications and risks. Think infographic or bullet point highlights more than written report.

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