Week 4: Overview of all assignments.


social media marketing tools

Social Media marketing

Assignments: In Class Uniglo case due. Post response on your blog.

Weekly graded discussion post.

Social Media Critique and Analysis Due 2/10. Post on your blog.


Read the following articles:

Social Media Marketing

Improving Social Media Marketing

Digital Trends

Building a Social Media Presence

Complete the weekly graded discussion post.

Questions to discuss in Class:

  1. How can connectivity be consider valuable? To users of social media? To social media sites themselves? Is there a conflict in terms of value/values?
  2. How does social media formalize and codify our interactions? Are we moving more towards an environment or way of thinking that demands recorded statements on social media for something to have really happened?
  3. Why is it that social media constantly evolve and never stay the same? TV, radio, newspaper, telephone even email pretty much the same. Social media constantly changing. Why?
  4. Detractors of social media say that users are being exploited on two levels–as workers (providing content for free) and as consumers (forced to buy back that content by paying with their privacy.) Do you agree? Why or why not?

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