Week 7 Graded Discussion Due 2/28

Social Media and the Law

Find a case related to social; media and the law. List the URL in your post and respond to the following questions:

* Discuss the issues presented in the case.

* Present both sides of the issue.

* What was the outcome of the situation.

* Do you agree with the outcome?

Sample Resources. You do not have to use any of these cases but here are a few resources.

Social Media Law Suits


FB Suit



18 thoughts on “Week 7 Graded Discussion Due 2/28

  1. https://www.instantcheckmate.com/crimewire/10-astonishing-lawsuits-that-happened-because-of-social-media/
    Case number two, I think that this a normal case in today’s society. In the case, the school want to firer the student bus drive “cook” that because the drive make some negative fact to school on Facebook. The school officer find the post and give the drive two unfair option that is not health phenomena in any industries.
    In one side, social media is a good platform that can supervise companies and institution behavior, but it also have more challenge to personal privacy and employee right.
    Finally, Cook and the American Civil Liberties Union are now suing the school to both change the district’s policies and get his job back. He will be represented by the American Civil Liberties Union in his case.
    I agree with this outcome, I believe that positive power should be praised and spread. The outcome of this case is a example to support this opinion.


  2. 10 Astonishing Lawsuit That Happened Because of Social Media

    Case #7th

    The parents of 15-year-old sued school, according to them the school violated their son’s free speech rights. The 15-year-old posted on his Facebook page, jokingly but in this case, silly joke turned into something bigger. After being evacuated from school, he posted a post regarding “fake bomb alarm” which is considered highly dangerous and definitely something you don’t want to mess with. Thankfully, it was not real, but just because of his silly post, police had to evacuate two thousand people, therefore school official decided to give him appropriate disciplinary response which start a fire between school officials and the parents. The parents were trying to win over stating “nothing happened” but the district lawyer stated that it’s not considered protected under Free Speech and it viewed as a threat and the lawyer agreed with the school’s decision.

    I am on same side with the school officials decision. If I could, I would counter sue that parents of 15-year-old. Such example like this is a downside of social media, as you proclaim your “Free Speech” right, people are posting irrelevant things on social media without thinking the twice. People are sensitive on bombs, threats, and violence, because it has caused us great deal of loss and unfortunate events, and we are trying to be more cautious, be aware of things happening around us. Even though, because of social media and a high speed internet, we are able to get all kinds of information, in a speed of light, at the same time, it is harder to distinguish between a real threat and fake alarms.


  3. * Discuss the issues presented in the case.
    • The student was not able to get a 40-cent credit?

    * Present both sides of the issue.
    • The driver wanted to help the student to have lunch and not go hungry.
    • His posting made the school look bad.

    * What was the outcome of the situation?
    • The school wanted him to recant his posting and a publicly apologize/lose 2 weeks of pay or be terminated.
    • The Bus Driver ended up suing the school.

    * Do you agree with the outcome?
    • No, I don’t agree. I think the driver has a good point. The school should change its policy. No child should go hungry…


  4. https://www.instantcheckmate.com/crimewire/10-astonishing-lawsuits-that-happened-because-of-social-media/

    The issues presented in the case in the link Social Media Law Suits, web article titled Crime Wire, the third case where parents sue after their daughter was forced to disclose her Facebook password talks about comments that the daughter posted on Facebook that were about how she disliked a faculty member at her school.

    Both sides of the issue is one being that her school was trying to penalize her for the things that she said on her Facebook page. The other side to the issue is that the girl was posting things on her account that the school disliked ; however, it was the girl’s account to post what she feels and it was against her rights to give up her password to the school.

    The outcome of the situation was that the school ended up getting sued.

    I agree with the outcome because I feel as though the school was really overstepping their boundaries by demanding her to give them her password and threatening her with detention if she did not do so.


  5. https://www.instantcheckmate.com/crimewire/10-astonishing-lawsuits-that-happened-because-of-social-media/
    Case# 3
    This case is about parents sue after their daughter was forced to disclose Her Facebook password.
    The most important thing of using social media is privacy. In this case the school forced the student to give them the password is violate the law. And they lost and end up paying money for settlement.
    I agree with the outcome and I hope this issue will not happen again.


  6. A sheriff in Virginia fired 6 others for liking a post from his opponent in the county election: in this case 6 employees were fired for liking his opponents post on Facebook. The employees tried to sue him the federal judge dismissed it. However a year and a half later they reopened the case. In this case they try to defend themselves by saying they had freedom of speech however it was ruled out because they did not actually say anything.


  7. http://crime.about.com/od/current/a/drew_peterson.htm

    Former Bolingbrook policeman Drew Peterson made national headlines in October 2007 when his fourth wife, Stacey Peterson, disappeared. a little more than three years after his third wife, Kathleen Savio, was found dead in a dry bathtub. After Stacey disappeared the body of Savio was exhumed and a later autopsy found that she was the victim of a homicide, not an accidental drowning as originally ruled.

    -An Illinois Appellate Court has turned down an appeal by Drew Peterson of his conviction for murder in the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

    -The State argues that Drew Peterson was proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt and that his murder conviction should be upheld,” a three-judge panel wrote in its ruling.

    -The ruling means that Peterson’s conviction and his 38-year prison sentence will stand. Savio was found dead in her bathtub in 2004 and her death was originally ruled accidental.

    I agree with outcome of this case, because Drew Peterson has not one but two wives that were killed. I believe that this man is guilty of these crimes and would have probably committed more if he had not been convicted.


  8. Reid Sagehorn Sues His School After He Gets Suspended For Inappropriate Tweet:
    Sagehorn was a teenager when he answered a post on twitter implying that he had “made out” with one of his teachers. As a result of his rather thoughtless actions, this teacher was investigated and humiliated in front of her family, coworkers, and community. Sagehorn was expelled from his school, and in my opinion, rightfully so. He’s lucky he wasn’t sued by that teacher for defamation of character, and his lawsuit is completely bogus. His little tweet could’ve caused that teacher her job and even jail-time. The case is still ongoing, but it’s probably a waste of the court’s time.


  9. http://emgn.com/entertainment/12-tweets-that-got-people-fired-from-their-jobs/

    The third scenario: A taco bell employee peed in taco bells nacho bell grande. while he was at work and he took a photo of it and posted it on twitter. The next day he got fired.
    I definitely agree with this although because of him i stopped eating at taco bell. The fact that he got fired just pointed out to me that taco bell takes social media seriously and they do not like things like that.


  10. https://www.instantcheckmate.com/crimewire/10-astonishing-lawsuits-that-happened-because-of-social-media/

    Reid Sagehorn Sues His School After He Gets Suspended For Inappropriate Tweet

    well basically this teenager is a his senior year in high school obviously he has a crush on one of his teachers so he made a tweet about her stating that he “made out” with her
    however this tweet somehow got back to that teacher who was humiliated and could have lost her job for false statements because im sure in the student handbook it is illegal to have any type of relation with a minor student.

    so yes in my eyes i think the teen was wrong he should be more mindful of what he talk about on twitter and definitely if it can cause some one their job because of a white lie fantasy u wanted to tell. i hope that the judge dismiss his plead. he did this to himself you have to think smart when its coming to posting or saying things on social media or the whole world to see.


  11. https://www.instantcheckmate.com/crimewire/10-astonishing-lawsuits-that-happened-because-of-social-media/
    #case 5#
    This case is about Peeping Privacy in social media.Parents can not peek at the child’s privacy. Even the child, his personal privacy should be protected and can not be arbitrarily violated.Family education needs understanding, communication and tolerance. Parents need to do is a positive example of education, rather than play the role of snoopers. Parents should become the spiritual pillar of the child, learn to “role”, to understand children’s ideas and behavior, even if it is wrong for children to be tolerant of behavior, rather than to spy and questioning. I support the law in the final. That is right, whatever who you are, you must need respect the privacy of others.


  12. http://isthatlegal.jdsupra.com/post/64983781426/5-lawsuits-at-the-collision-of-social-media-and

    In this case the person is sueing the school for posting a picture of them in face book.
    “Specifically, after an image of the plaintiff in a bikini was featured in the presentation immediately subsequent to an image allegedly depicting promiscuity and alcohol abuse, the plaintiff sued the district for invading her rights to avoid unreasonable searches and seizures pursuant to the Fourth Amendment. I agree with the person that they should not put picture of any person without their consent . The little things out in the media can later on affect a person. the other side would be that the school didn’t mean no harm to the student and should not post anything of the media relating a student issue . I agree with the student sueing the school.


  13. In this school, there was a situation where a student made an inappropriate comment on social media saying he and a teacher were kissing. The student was suspended from school for nearly two months for destroying the teacher’s reputation and nothing happened to the teacher. He claims that because of all the bad attention he is getting has caused him to feel very shameful and humiliated. I do agree that the student and the teacher should be punished in some type of manner but he should not have been suspended for almost two months.


  14. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/commentary/ct-anita-alvarez-latina-latina-perspec-0321-md-20160319-story.html

    In this case a 17 year old teenager Laquan McDonald was brutally gunned down by police he was shot 16 times and it took a year before the public knew about it. Anita Alvarez the state attorney of Illinois did nothing about this it took a whole year before this was brought up it was her responsibility to convict the officer but she sat on her hands and did nothing about it I don’t agree with what the police did the young man was walking away from the police he was not armed and he was shot down. after this the police commissioner McCarthy was relieved of his duties even after the mayor said he would back him the system is unjust and corrupt.


  15. https://www.instantcheckmate.com/crimewire/10-astonishing-lawsuits-that-happened-because-of-social-media/

    case # 5: Son Charged His Mom With Harassment After She Defiled His Facebook

    The mother Denise want to know more about her son Lane, so that she snooping her son’s Facebook and changed his password and posted. But it is a privacy problem, Lane’s Facebook is his privacy.

    For Denise is concerned about her son that snoop Lane’s Facebook, but is privacy that she should not do it without permit. For Lane should talk with his mother first, this problem can be solve when they are communicate with each other.

    I agree it, even although Denise is his mother, she still can’t do anything what she want to, she must be ask her son first. Cannot Lane is her son that she can do it without permit, everyone have their own privacy.


  16. http://yournewswire.com/fbi-wins-lawsuit-forcing-apple-to-install-spyware-on-iphone-devices/

    The case at hand is the Government vs Apple. Earlier this year the FBI won a lawsuit against Apple that would force the phone company to develop a security software in which would allow to override the security on all IPhones sold. This came from the mass shooting that took place in San Bernardino last year. One of the shooters had an IPhone and the FBI wants to search through the phone in order to investigate if this was part of a larger terrorist plan.
    This is a tough case and you can see both sides of this controversy. On one side, as Americans we want our government to be diligent and ensure our security and safety to the highest level. In this era of terrorism, our safety is a number one priority and we have to comply with all new ways to ensure that from airports to communication.
    On the other side, creating software to override our personal security is a huge violation of our privacy. If this is granted, there are other ways that the government can impede on our personal lives and monitor our every move. Big brother would be in full effect.
    This is a tough decision and you can see both sides. I agree from both perspectives and Apple, needless to say, has appealed this ruling and is prepared to fight this


  17. 1. Student claims school district invaded her rights by posting an image found on Facebook:
    “[T]he plaintiff was a minor student who sued a school district under various statutory and Constitutional provisions after the district publicly shared an image of plaintiff to the community in a presentation on ‘Internet safety.’ Specifically, after an image of the plaintiff in a bikini was featured in the presentation immediately subsequent to an image allegedly depicting promiscuity and alcohol abuse, the plaintiff sued the district for invading her rights to avoid unreasonable searches and seizures pursuant to the Fourth Amendment. Use of social network becomes relevant in the case because the school official who produced the presentation had found the image through searching the plaintiff’s Facebook friends.”

    Issues presented in the case is the school district publicly shared an image of a minor student during a community meeting presentation on ‘Internet safety.image of the minor in a bikini. The school district presentation following the image of the minor in the bikini allegedly depicting promiscuity and alcohol abuse. school official who produced the presentation had found the image through searching the minor’s Facebook friends. I do believe that the minor Fourth Amendment rights were violated but as one must also police the content they post onto social media sites. The school district also should have used better judgment on the content use in presentation.


  18. Johnny Cook was a school bus driver who wrote a statement on facebook saying he believed that students should get free lunch so that children would not go hungry, especially for not being able to gain the 40 cent credit to be able to eat.

    The school he drives commuting the students to and from in the Haralson County School District found his statement and gave Cook the ultimatum of recanting his statement, write a statement that he had heard from them on that day that was favorable to the school system, publicly apologize on Facebook, receive two weeks off without pay at the beginning of the school year next year or be terminated.

    To me this is a obvious glance to see who is in the right here which would have to be cook. He did not post anything harmful, slandering, inappropriate, or even wrong in any way. Cook simply stated a opinion that he believed in and because that district wanted to keep a pristine image that had no faults the attacked this bus driver aggressively with this method.

    Nevertheless the outcome was that Cook and the American Civil Liberties Union are now suing the school to both change the district’s policies and get his job back.


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