Written Assignment Due 3/16

Identify a company that has appeared on the current list “Great Places to Work For” http://fortune.com/best-companies/ for at least two years and outline why you believe that it was placed on this list.   How does the company on the list stand out? Length- 2-3 para. Post in the leave a comment section.


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  1. Jimmie Pernell

    I choose Mercedes-Benz Financial Services because:

    • Employees are encouraged to drive a Mercedes-Benz and experience the product firsthand through discount lease programs or a 23 percent employee discount off the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

    • Wellness Program: Employees and their spouses or same-sex domestic partners have access to a wellness program that assists with goals such as smoking cessation, stress reduction, weight loss and other positive life changes.

    • Flexible Work Options: Employees may, with managers’ permission, make flexible work arrangements such as working at home, compressed workweeks, job sharing and reduced work hours. Instead of offering a limited number of sick days, the company trusts employees to take time off for illness as needed and work it out with their managers.

    • Running and Walking Club: This employee-led club encourages people to stay fit by getting active. To increase participation, there is a friendly competition between the company’s two main locations (Fort Worth and Farmington Hills) to see which group can accumulate the most miles over a nine-month time period. There are more than 150 employee members in the running/walking club — including the CEO.

    • Success Stories: A recognition program acknowledges commitment, effort and achievements that support the organization’s goals and values while focusing on customer experiences. Individuals are recognized and receive awards and their colleagues have a chance to learn from their success as their stories are shared among teams and departments. Managers can also provide recognition to individual team members through Success Stories points that employees can redeem for cash using a custom-designed Visa debit card. Managers can also purchase branded merchandise on behalf of employees.


  2. •Northstrom
    Founded in 1901 as a shoe store in Seattle by John W. Nordstrom, this upscale fashion retailer now boasts of 323 stores in 39 states. With three fourth generation Nordstrom brothers — Blake, Peter and Erik — as co-presidents of the retailer, however, the company still maintains a strong family feel. Erik, for instance, runs nordstrom.com, and invites each new hire of the online arm into his office for coffee and a get-to-know-you session. When Blake heard about how St. Louis store employees were impacted personally for months after the events in Ferguson, he wrote a message to all Nordstrom leaders stressing the need for open communications. “This isn’t about conducting a new-hire training session, a 60-day review, an Annual Performance Review, or calling formal meetings,” he wrote. “It’s person-to-person, regular communications with an emphasis on listening.” Read the Great Place to Work review

    •Wellness program: We work hard to be a company our employees and our customers can be proud of. For us, that means doing our best to support the many people and communities we serve. It also means respecting the environment by reducing our impact and conserving resources where we can. We strive to make people feel good and show that Nordstrom is a company that cares.

    •Flexible Work Options. There employee are to be proud to work in that company and there time is flexible for their work . They were getting employee stock purchase plan and also employee discount , employee charitable match program also

    •Success Stories: Nordstrom is a specialty retailer of ready-to-wear fashion apparel, shoes, and accessories and is renowned for its high level of customer service.
    Growing direct-to-consumer (catalog and internet) sales channel needed its own facility for fulfillment.
    New facility and operations needed to be cost-effective and still meet company’s high customer service standards.
    Based on growth projections, business plans and statistical data collected during our business discovery activities, we designed a 300,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art facility, including related material handling and storage systems.
    Design supported projected sales growth, gained operational efficiencies, and provided ease of future expansion.
    The fulfillment center was completed on time and within budget, with no disruption to service.
    Nordstrom’s exceptional customer service requirements were met.
    The layout and systems provided flexibility to adapt to changing merchandising requirements and rapidly expanding sales volumes.
    The facility served Nordstrom’s business for well over a decade in its original footprint, with continual operational enhancements to meet new business requirements and customer service levels. Eventually, Sedlak was commissioned to plan the expansion to the facility that doubled its square footage.


  3. Baker Donelson is a full service law firm with more than 650 attorneys. They are the 64th largest law firms in the United States. The things that make this company stand out is the perks and program of the company. The perks of this company are that the employees have paid community service time. Employees receive 8 hours of paid time to work in their communities. Employees are offered a $ 500 health premium discount and have 16 weeks of leave for their parental leave policy.
    The company also gives its employees massage therapy, free snacks during the day, fitness classes, personal travels services, and subsidized public transportation. There are work-life balance programs such as paid sabbaticals, flexible schedule, lactation rooms, phased retirement planning and elder care resources. What makes this company stand out even more in my opinion is their health insurance which covers dental care, vision care, mental health care, alternative treatments that consist of acupuncture, homeopathy and chiropractic, breast cancer screening, cholesterol tests, and complete bio-metric screening.
    I believe that this company was placed on this site because it is actually a great place to work. The reason for this is because not only do they put their clients first, they make sure that their employees are well taken care of. It seems as though the company wants to make sure that their employees are staying healthy and stress free. Not many companies offer these types of programs and perks for their employees. This company has their employees’ best interest in mind.


  4. Google from what I’ve seen has the best program and they’ve had the best of everything because of how well they treat their employees, I’ve been on the top of the list for about 7 times and they’ve on the top 10 for 10 years. They have the best programs and here are a few:

    Flexible Work Programs: They have both part time and full time employees, and part time employees still have a good number of benefits like free health care to part time employees and so far i haven’t heard of any employer offering paid health care for part timers. They offer paid volunteering (like if you are volunteering at a homeless shelter you could get paid for it).

    Fitness Program: I would say working at google definitely makes your life easier because of the on site services. They offer on site fitness centers and they offer on site child care services, , and it helps a lot because a lot of people usually don’t like their jobs.

    Google is a billion dollar traded company meaning it’s owners are everyone else. so can they afford these centers with ease, yes and working their would be like working from home because of the services they offer for people to simply write codes all day.


  5. The company that I would like to work for is World Wide Technology Inc. which is based out of St Louis Missouri. The reason why I want to join their company is because the health benefits are great not just for myself but they have a great family package as well that is always important. The company worldwide technology stands out to me for the simple fact they take care of the employees the job itself isn’t easy to do but the employers understand the daily grind of the business so they arrange 5-10 minute massages for the staff to relax them and make their day a little less stressful. The company is fair if you are qualified for the position they will hire you they believe in job growth which they took a poll and job growth is currently sitting at 39%, there was 918 openings for positions in the past year, 37 average applicants per opening, and new hires by referrals were 26%. The website http://reviews.greatplacetowork.com/world-wide-technology?utm_source=fortune&utm_medium=list-page&utm_content=reviews-link&utm_campaign=2016-100-best breaks down how the company works the percentages of new referrals and much more. The company also hires minorities they hire 20% of minorities and 80% of non-minorities it doesn’t matter where you come from or if you are different as long as you are qualified for the position they give you a chance to be hired which is one of many reasons why I want to work for this company. All of the employee ratings were ranked really high too great challenges 97% great atmosphere 99% great rewards 97% great pride 99% great communication 97% and last great bosses 97%. The employees love the company the atmosphere and the staff in total that is a huge factor for me to want to be a part of the team so I can display what I can do to help them become a top firm and because of the professionalism that is shown for each employee. This company should be placed on the list because 95% of the company’s employees took a survey and said that worldwide technology is a good place to work that alone shows it’s a reputable company.
    In closing the company I chose was worldwide technology because it’s a respected company, the benefits are topnotch, and the numbers speak for themselves of their ratings.


  6. Raymond Davis
    Social Media Class
    I choose Hyatt Hotels because for one I am familiar with this company because I provided security for this company for six years and I have a general idea of the core values of this company. But prior to my research I had no idea that Hyatt was so in tune with how the employees felt about things such as the environment, and how the employees feel about the workplace and even the management. I saw that 97% of employees surveyed that the Hyatt provides a great atmosphere to work in and 93% percent said Hyatt provides great rewards to its employees.

    This company stands out to me because I believe they have a clear understanding that if an employee is happy then he/she will provide better customer service to guests. I also saw a survey that says 92% of their employees that were surveyed claim that they could be themselves while working for the Hyatt and that’s really important to me because if I can naturally be myself then it provides me the opportunity to provide the best service to guests and employees as well.

    I really like the compensations program that the Hyatt has this company provides free snacks and lunches on a daily basis, fitness classes and employee stock options and 401k and complimentary hotels stays which is great for when you are on vacations. And right now Hyatt has Hotels in major locations like Texas this is important because I would like to transition from Chicago once I graduate. And a bonus for me would be that the Hyatt headquarters is located right here in Chicago.

    As far as the hiring outlook, Hyatt had 20,979 job opening last year which is awesome in my opinion. The work-life balance programs is very appealing as well they provide 20 holiday and vacation days after your first year of employment. Since I don’t a really don’t want heavy position when I graduate I see the Hyatt offers an assistant front office manager position that pays $ 46, 369 which I would be very much interested in because it’s something I love to do hospitality is my passion and I really feel the Hyatt would be a great fit for me.

    I also know that the Hyatt is big on hiring colleges graduates which is a plus since I’ll be one very soon.


  7. The company I like choose is Capital One Financial. I believe this company is on the list mainly because of it’s dedication to customers and employees. Also this company stands out because CEO Rich Fairbank has transformed this banking company into a financial services powerhouse. Capital One has Labs, located in San Francisco, New York, and Washington, D.C. Capital One stands out in the list for many reasons. One because it has 880 sites, it employees 41,560 in the US, and 4,324 outside the US. Another reason is because it is a public company, the company was founded in 1994 and it is already a 22.3 billion dollar company.
    Capital One has many perks as a company, the company
    Offers health insurance to part-timers

    -Offers telecommuting
    -Offers job sharing
    -Offers onsite childcare
    – Offers compressed work weeks
    -Onsite fitness center
    -Discounted gym memberships
    -Onsite medical care facility
    -Offer full tuition reimbursement
    In my opinion Capital is a great company who has stood the test of time. I believe this is not only a great place to bank, but also a great place to be employeed.


  8. Olanre majekodunmi
    Social Media

    The company I have chosen is “Autodesk” is an industry leading design software firm that sends its employees and other guest to an all-expense paid week long trip to any place the employees and more to ant where they would like to go for time off from their jobs, a sabbatical program that provides a weeks of paid off after every four years of full time service at work. Over the year 90 – 95% of employees had great comments about how great it is to work there, how they take good care of us in the company, and how the responsibility is big but they are able to do it on time for the company.

    “Autodesk” create great software for many company, schools, and countries when need. More than six million people, all over the world have great access to their software, thanks to the good engineering of “Autodesk” and the employees that work a full time job to make sure that their customers all they need make their life’s easier for the future.


  9. I personally go on with Hilton worldwide, for the following reasons:
    Hilton Worldwide (NYSE: HLT) is a leading global hospitality company, spanning the lodging sector from luxury and full-service hotels and resorts to extended-stay suites and focused-service hotels. For 95 years, Hilton Worldwide has been dedicated to continuing its tradition of providing exceptional guest experiences. The company’s portfolio of twelve world-class global brands is comprised of more than 4,250 managed, franchised, owned and leased hotels and timeshare properties, with more than 700,000 rooms in 93 countries and territories, including Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Curio – A Collection by Hilton, Canopy by Hilton, DoubleTree by Hilton, Embassy Suites Hotels, Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton Hotels, Homewood Suites by Hilton, Home2 Suites by Hilton and Hilton Grand Vacations. The company also manages an award-winning customer loyalty program, Hilton HHonors®.
    1. World of Opportunity: From Oahu to Ontario, Hilton Worldwide continues to grow throughout the United States and Canada. Conrad Hilton founded our company in 1919 in Cisco, Texas, and developed a lasting brand that is recognized throughout the world. Today, you’ll find our corporate headquarters in McLean, Virginia, just a short distance from Washington, DC. We invite you to join us in locations throughout North America, where you can help us fulfill Conrad Hilton’s Vision to “fill the Earth with the light and warmth of hospitality” and provide the world-class guest service for which Hilton Worldwide is known.
    2. Great place to work: Hilton is such type oy industry where toy can get productive & fun, world-class experience, excellent work environment and other compensation and benefits as well. They have flexible work schedule, job sharing, compressed work weeks and even elder care resources too.
    3. Professional satisfaction: Considering other circumstances, Hilton provide maximum level of professional satisfaction for its members for longer version. Any member of the Hilton can enjoy the favorable training, excellent job field, plenty of opportunity to meet its requirements for meet up professional manner. In this organization member can create work life balance.
    4. Work life balance programs: Hilton provide different type of programs so that one can get easily balance his personal and professional attitude altogether.It offers various types of programs such as flexible work-hour schedule, job allocation programs, lactation rooms, telecommute option, compacted work week, senior care resources and many other programs to fit an employee healthy and wealthy in both personal and professional attitude.
    5. Health insurance covers: Hilton protects its employees’ health issues through different health cover insurance programs. It offers dental care, prescription drug subsidy, alternative treatments, such as acupuncture, homeopathy, or chiropractic for its workers. This organization also make up this benefit like , vision care, mental health care, fertility treatments for its employees and their families. However, they have some other onsite health benefits too such as flu shots, fitness center.
    6. Branded Affiliation : Hilton has world renowned branded affiliation for its business operation. In the nearly 100 years since our founding, we have defined the hospitality industry and established a portfolio of 12 world-class brands, including our flagship full-service Hilton Hotels & Resorts brand, which is the most recognized hotel brand in the world. Our premier brand portfolio also includes our luxury and lifestyle hotel brands, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, Conrad Hotels & Resorts and Canopy by Hilton, our full-service hotel brands, Curio – A Collection by Hilton, DoubleTree by Hilton and Embassy Suites Hotels, our focused–service hotel brands, Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton Inn, Homewood Suites by Hilton and Home2 Suites by Hilton and our timeshare brand, Hilton Grand Vacations (HGV).


  10. I think that the first thing we need to clear what means “Great Places to Work For”, basically maybe people will say that it depends on salary, warfare, environment, pressure and surrounding feeling. If we base on those factor, I will probably say that Google is a nice place to go.
    Creating an office for work and play that is all what Google work place about, Google is an internet and computer technology company which has 57,000 employees in 2015. Google has more than 70 offices in more than 40 countries around the globe. But a very interesting thing is that there are no two Google offices are the same, visitors to any office can expect to find a few common features: murals and decorations expressing local personality; Googlers sharing cubes, yurts and “huddles”; video games, pool tables and pianos; cafes and “microkitchens” stocked with healthy food; and good old fashioned whiteboards for spur-of-the-moment brainstorming.
    Google have a nice work surrounding feeling. They open culture often associated with startups, in which everyone is a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. In their weekly all-hands (“TGIF”) meetings—not to mention over email or in the cafe—Googlers ask questions directly to Larry, Sergey and other execs about any number of company issues. Our offices and cafes are designed to encourage interactions between Googlers within and across teams, and to spark conversation about work as well as play.
    There is the link to show the salary level of Google http://www.payscale.com/research/US/Employer=Google%2c_Inc./Salary/by_Job. It is a nice average in this industry and wider service area will make more possible to promotion and pay rise.
    Google’s free food is the stuff of legends, it close to 30 cafés at the company’s Mountain View, California headquarters, no Googler could ever go hungry, according to former head chef Nate Keller, who left the company in 2008, at one point Google was serving more than 40,000 gourmet meals a day, spending $80 million a year on food alone, from vegan truffles to full-blown Indian feasts, there’s plenty of food to choose from for every meal of the day.
    But, there is anther more important thing I will like to say is that maybe the great company is suitable for someone, but not good for you. When we want to find a place to work, the fist ting you need to think about it that “is it a thing I am really passion about?”, if you lose your original passion, not matter what beautiful environment and what high salary are waiting for you. I will lose yourself in this job that will not make you happy in a long-term career.


  11. The company I chose is Microsoft the reason why I chose Microsoft is because is widely recognized as a leading company for offering one of the strongest and most comprehensive compensation and benefits packages in the country . Medical and hospitalization. Industry leading health coverage, more than many other companies offer. Vision care has one annual eye exam and reimbursement for one pair of glasses or contacts per year.
    The other benefits benefits that the company offers are dental care which includes orthodontic services. 24 hour health line receive useful , easy to understand information 24×7 to help you make sound health care decisions. Maternity leave and parent leave are offer. 401 k plan which match .50 for every regular pre tax or Roth dollar that you save.Employee stock purchase plan each quarter Microsoft stock at a 10 percent discount off the market price during a define purchase period.
    Not only that but the company offers career path options .The heart of the business always been about recognizing the value that different life experiences and viewpoints.
    Microsoft has a responsibility based on our mission and values, to promote social and economic opportunity in the communities. Where we work, live , and do business.


  12. When we talk about a great places to work for, we always mention about Google. Yes, it is the No.1 on the list for years and it has been in the list for 10 years. What a good company that everyone want to get in. The best thing in this work place is it sparking the imagination of its talented and highly compensated workers.
    Also it always adding perks to the employee benefits. Last year it enhanced health care coverage by offering virtual doctor visits, second-opinion services, and breast-cancer screenings at headquarters. The perks are phenomenal. From three prepared organic meals a day to unlimited snacks, artisan coffee and tea to free personal-fitness classes, health clinics, on-site oil changes, haircuts, spa truck, bike-repair truck, nap pods, free on-site laundry rooms, and subsidized wash and fold. The list is endless.
    That’s how a company can always be the No.1. No one will remember NO.2. Because Google keep listening for their employee, keeping improving their benefits, it stay on NO.1 and deserved NO. 1.


  13. I chose four season hotels and Resorts, I believe they have been on here for so long and stand out because of these reasons. “They promote from within often and encourage employees to pursue the field that interests or best suits them, even though it may require a transfer to another department or even another property.” They also offer healthcare to part timers which is really good. They also offer college reimbursement for college students which is awesome.

    They also are involved in the “advancing Cancer Research: Four Seasons Of Progress: For more than 30 years, Four Seasons has been deeply committed to the cause of advancing cancer research. Initially a one-time event inspired by a local hero, fundraising activities have now spread to the company’s hotels and resorts around the world, raising millions of dollars annually to benefit dozens of local research and care facilities.”

    They have a non discrimination policy so they have a diversity of workers as well. They have good benefits for full time employees and the salary isn’t bad up to 52,000 a year. They asked employees who work there and some of the things they said were these..

    Often or Almost Always: 79% Sometimes: 16%

    After reading these reviews and more about the company I became interested in maybe applying there.


  14. I choose Whole Food Market

    My viewpoint and background

    In China, most of markets are full of inorganic foods. For a concept of transgenic product, Chinese customer are never to consider this question at present. And there are some discussion and debate between scientist and people, whether transgenic products can be eaten by human?

    For mission

    When I come to America, I usually to observe some signs on the casing in different markets. As we see, some inorganic foods labeled sign in the casing. Whole Food, its mission of selling organic food, GMO labeling, and animal welfare. When I log in its official web, different foods are noted ingredients in the casing. It is invisible for us. In price, although their price is higher than others, it is no doubt that organic foods’ nutrition and value what we are needing now.

    According to Wikipedia, GMOs—or genetically modified organisms—are created in a lab by altering the genetic makeup of a plant or an animal. High quality, green, healthy, these labels attract young and middle class customers.

    For customers

    Whole Foods in order to attract more customers through merchandise and comfortable decoration, the most important is this market provides a new life style that is as soon as to decrease artificial color and antiseptic to cure food without transgenic products. The CEO, John Mackey, he believes only maintain food chain,human and nature well, world will goes on. Customers are respect him and support his concept.

    Only unique, people can notice where your difference is. High housetop, widely distance between goods shelf, wooden ground, soft light, kinds of goods, comfortable environment, breathe entirely free when you go there. Customer also can pick foods online. There are a lot of social media tools to connect, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in and Instagram and so on. Although people have a common consciousness that Whole Food always propose human need to protect environment and support organic food.In another word, you also indirect support individual farmers when you buy something in this market.

    For employees

    The company’s unique gain-sharing plan rewards teams for coming under budget. The team’s monthly surplus is distributed among team members—based on number of hours worked—and has averaged about 6% of workers’ total wages.

    Whole Foods Market strives for an egalitarian culture and caps its executive salaries at no more than 19 times that of the average worker. That is why whole food workers are more love to work here. Pay more attention to working, get more high benefit. When workers love their job, it is good for company to broadcast their concept.

    Whole Foods look highly of team. This company divides eight teams that including to sea food, cash, dry cargo and so on. All performance and benefits of market depend on what earth they devote in working. In working system, a freshman will be judged through voting by a team as their bonus links with their performance, that is why Whole food loves to hire a enthusiasm worker. We have to admit that this system not only can inspire everyone to try their best to finish well, but also can get award from their working.

    For society

    You can find Whole food usually propose people and workers to join in them and to protect environment, or devote 5% income after tax to charity and community. At the same time, use less casing and save water. Whole Foods emphasizes wether business is successful or not depends on community and environment because John Mackey once put forward his theory of business that is the 5% income become charity business to help more and more people. The most successful business is regard customers as first. It is necessary to get profit as basic in business, However, it is not only one target.


  15. the company of my choosing will be american airlines or any airlines for that matter but mostly AMERICAN AIRLINES

    the reason why is because the benefits are amazing you get free buddy passes to travel anywhere that airline fly even out of the country ( you know how much money you can save if you like to travel) also they offer great employee packages for full time employees. such as.

    Health and Life Benefits
    American has an outstanding package of health and life benefits for employees and their families. We offer a variety of medical, dental, life, disability and vision plans, as well as optional plans such as long term care, legal aid and reimbursement accounts.

    Savings and Retirement
    Employees can take advantage of a number of financial benefits, including an outstanding employee credit union, 401(k) matching funds, profit sharing and incentives.

    Work/Life Balance
    At American, we fully recognize that each individual has unique needs, so we provide a variety of resources to help employees and their families meet their own business and personal life challenges.

    Career Development
    Employees are encouraged to grow professionally, and receive the support and resources to reach their full potential. A wide range of job-based and personal enrichment training is available through classroom and online training resources. We also provide an online internal job search tool to help employees explore other opportunities within American.

    Benefits are important to our employees and their families, but it’s our travel privileges that put the fun in the total package. Our employees, their families, and friends enjoy the ability to travel almost anywhere in the world on American and American Eagle. Plus they can take advantage of discounted travel on other airlines and enjoy special rates on hotels, car rentals, cruises, and more.

    also they actually care about there employees. they pride themselves in treating everyone with equality and they do not under pay the workers.


  16. Veterans United Home Loans currently sits at number 30 on the Fortune “Top 100 Companies to work for”. Veterans United Home Loans is new to the list. Financial Services & Insurance Industry founded in 2002. Veterans United is the nation’s largest dedicated VA lender committed to helping veterans and servicemembers become homeowners.

    First Veterans United Home Loans stands out to me the firm sends all new hires $10 before their first day on the job as a way of introducing themselves by sharing how they used their money to enhance someone else’s life. Next Every summer, Veterans United also arranges a campout event for employees and their families to enjoy fishing, campfires, games, and S’mores under the stars. Perks and Programs
    Events: Veterans United hosts large-scale events throughout the year to show appreciation to the employees and celebrate collective achievements. The largest event of the year is the annual Holiday Party, which includes entertainment, videos, the employee of the year award, games, prizes, photo booths, and lots of food and drinks. The company also holds events for employees and their families, such as a campout event, outdoor movie nights in a park, trick-or-treating at the office, and a holiday event with kid-friendly foods, crafts, and photos with Santa.
    Gym Membership: Veterans United provides employees with a free gym membership to a local gym with four locations, including a recreational family pool and tennis club. Discounts are available to add family members to the membership.
    Veterans United Foundation: The employee founded and led Veterans United Foundation is the lifeline of our company’s philanthropic efforts. Over 90 percent of Veterans United employees donate at least one percent of their paychecks, which the company matches, in addition to the countless number of hours in volunteering. More than $15 million has been raised since the Foundation’s inception in 2011.
    ConnectU Groups: Employees at Veterans United share their passions by forming and leading interest groups. Relationships within the groups develop into friendships that extend beyond the walls of the office. Anyone can form a ConnectU group and the full-time employees on the Culture Team help to connect employees to the different groups.
    United Initiative: Veterans United is dedicated to cultivating an inclusive and diverse workforce that is filled with mutual respect, appreciation, acceptance, and the desire to understand one another. The United Initiative program provides unique opportunities to raise awareness about diversity and inclusion topics, such as lunch and learns and movie nights.
    Employees at Veterans United Home Loans
    23 Days Holiday & Vacation day after one year of employment.
    30 Days Paid leave for Adoptive Parents
    Compressed Work Weeks
    Elder Care Resources
    Lactation Room
    Unpaid Sabbaticals

    Dental care
    Prescription drug subsidy
    Alternative treatments, such as acupuncture, homeopathy, or Chiropratic
    Vision Care
    Mental Health care
    Breast cancer screening
    Cholesterol tests
    Flu shots
    Subsidized offsite gym memberships
    To Conclude You must first understand that I am a Veteran of the United States Navy. I have a basis when it comes to companies and organizations that are geared towards helping Veterans once they transitioned from Military life back to civilian life .Veterans United Home Loans seems to be a company that wants to help not only their customers base but make their employees feel like a family.


  17. The reason why Google I think stands out on the list is because of how well known, and has expanded its self over the years. Its many creative and smart people working for them, and they have made a lot of things in the fallowing years such as phones, social media like Google plus, and the Google play app.
    They also teat their employees well, and give them respect. I think this is a good things since a lot of big companies don’t do this. In the past year its has grown 18% more in full time jobs, offer insurance to part timers, and discounts for gyms. They don’t discriminate and give paid time off.
    They also teat customers well, and have reasonable policies, and benefits. They have their own social media page that people can use for blogging, and it is simple to use.


  18. I will talk about Google.
    Firstly, Google has 100 languages and the users interface, covering 250 countries and territories worldwide, it searches the browser accounted for 46.2% of the global search engine market share links, is the world’s largest, most users of search engines. Google user community college is more than 80 highly educated users, its domestic market share to 38.6%.
    Google AdWords is a pay-per-use ads. Allows you to create simple and effective advertising, information search ads appear only to people in your business are interested. You can access your site directly by clicking on the ads for these customers.
    Stable customer base and good adhesion of the user, the Google people each month above residence time of 15 million hours, more than twice as high than the second-place Yahoo; many Internet users have formed some kind for Google rely. In China, for various reasons, the early years for Google blockade, mainly want to artificially intervention to achieve a company’s own interests, in fact, Google and Yahoo rank the quality, efficiency produced five times as Baidu PPC. Total costs and lower than Baidu PPC costs.
    Google has its own core technology. This is a necessary condition for the existence of search engines, Google let people believe that it is the best technology, the search industry is a technology as the core of the industry, is the only criterion to judge a com search engine is not – see it not have their own pages indexed database, search technology and in other areas, such as Google vigorously advertised “pagerank” technology.


  19. I would choose IKEA, it founded in 1943 in Sweden, has become the world’s largest furniture business. IKEA in 38 countries and regions in the world have 311 shopping malls. IKEA to give employees with emphasis on the democratic concept of alliances with customers. In 1976, Kamprad wrote the a “furniture dealer of belief “, thus becoming the IKEA Bible. He reiterated: “for most people create a part of a better life, contains break status and the limitation of traditional and more freedom. To do this, we have to be different.”

    Ikea provide much benefits to employees, which are all part-time workers who work more than 20 hours per week get full benefits. At IKEA, they respect each other, respect the differences between each other, to all the contributors open-minded. Therefore, no matter in which country you are working, you are most likely to be exposed to a diverse group – they have different backgrounds, special skills and a wonderful sense of humor.

    IKEA carry out a variety of internal training programs for employees to invest in personal development by learning new knowledge and growing up. Every IKEA employee has the opportunity to develop a development plan, you can work with the manager for the coming year and set goals for the future. Employees would feel they are family when they are working at IKEA.


  20. By doing this research about The Cheesecake Factory, I found out that they treat their employees in a very different way that I have heard from any other place.  I can definitely understand why they were put on this list.  Not only do they provide excellent hospitality to their customers, they also provide that to their employees in addition to all of the benefits they receive.  One of the things that I like the most about this company is that they give you free cheesecake after you are hired.  They give this to their new employees as a gift and welcoming them into their business.  Somehow some way it is sent to your home just a couple of days before you start.  Another thing about this company I like is they have a targeted recruiting program to find kitchen jobs for military veterans.  I personally know people who came out of the military and are struggling to not only keep a job but to find one also.  The Cheesecake Factory does everything they can to help that group of people.

    One thing that makes this company stand out is all of the benefits and perks they offer. Just like a lot of other companies, The Cheesecake Factory does give financial assistance to their workers to go towards their tuition.  They will not pay off the entire tuition but they will give you a maximum of $2,500 to go towards that.  Another one of the perks that are offered to The Cheesecake Factory employees is the amount of paid time off their full-time workers receive.  This company offers holidays and sick time to their employees to take advantage of.  For a person who has been working here for at least 5, are able to take up to 32 days of paid time off in one year.


  21. The Southwest Airlines

    Secure employees are happy employees

    Unlike any other American airline, Southwest has been profitable every year since 1973. Southwest has never had a major layoff, never cut salaries, and has always paid their employees generously. Southwest is a conservative, cautious company that doesn’t take risks with their employees jobs or security. For that reason, its employees are extremely loyal and are willing to make sacrifices when necessary.

    Sacrifice for your employees, and they will sacrifice for you

    When Herb Kelleher, former chairman of Southwest, asked the pilot’s union to agree to a five-year pay freeze, Kelleher offered to apply the same pay freeze to his own salary. This probably cost him something in the neighborhood of $75-100 million. Certainly Kelleher wasn’t reduced to destitution, but it showed his employees that he was willing to make sacrifices for the good of the company and the continued prosperity of all employees. Showing solidarity and fairness to your employees will go a long way to building trust across all levels of your organization.

    Employees are motivated to reach specific goals

    Southwest initially struggled to compete with the larger, more established airlines. In order to operate with less planes, they introduced an initiative to reduce turnover time from 45 minutes to 10 (the speedy operations were also convenient for customers). Southwest’s employees rallied behind this simple and specific goal, and now Southwest turnarounds average 23 minutes, vs. 35 or more for most major airlines.

    Work can (and should!) be fun

    Southwest has always cultivated an atmosphere of relaxation and creativity. In 1971 they launched as the “love airline” with the aforementioned sexy stewardesses. When faced with a lawsuit to determine who could use the slogan “just plane smart”, Kelleher challenged South Carolina aviation to a charity arm-wrestling match. And flight attendants are encouraged to spice up their announcements with jokes and songs. A little flexibility and joviality goes a long way to relieving the tension and tedium of most jobs. Though it may not be as “professional”, most customers will enjoy a more relaxed and memorable experience, where employees are free to be genuine and joyous.

    Today, Southwest is the largest low-cost airline in the nation with 37,000 employees flying to 97 destinations in 42 states. Their efficient operations are a model for airlines from Asia to Canada. But their proudest achievement remains their position atop “Best Place to Work” lists like Reuter’s to Forbes, because Southwest knows that the success of their company is predicated on the security, happiness, and productivity of their employees.


  22. Riot Games is private game\interactive development company that was founded in 2006 and it has its headquarters in LA, California. Brandon Beck is the CEO and Tom Cadwell Is the lead designer. This company is primarily know for the pc game called League of Legends. Which is a online multiplayer battle arena. In other words it is a game on a powerful server that connects a large amount of users in varying regions. There the creation of their games, products, and events they are capable of generating at least 1.1 billion dollars of revenue.

    As one would think of a gaming company the atmosphere of a job is highly different than the normal setting mist would see so the policies would also be somewhat different. Riot games has close connectivity with their employees and somewhat outlines their company for them and their benefits. For example they try to mostly use a full time system but there vacation/sick days polices are different from most places having strongly protected base but changeable values and they work around the employees schedules even with telecommute. They also have many in-company programs like Riot’s Thunderdome, a 49 hour hackathon, gives every Rioter the opportunity to build a team, take on any role, tackle any challenge, and make anything possible, their Riots play fund where they fund for their own workers game stations and connectivity, travel services and even message/fitness therapy.

    Riot games is a super power in the gaming world with much creativity just oozing from their products and they care about their employees seeing how that their employees are basically of the same genre of people that their customers belong to and they see to be very fair toward their staff and your creating what could be better.


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